Monday, December 3, 2012

Joe Tacopina Wiki Shut Your (Fly) Trap!

This was sent to me :   I want to post with a disclaimer and not that Joe Tacopina would say not true.  He is a rich successful "handsome" man and you all are jealous and make up lies -- not true but I want people to see some of what is sent to me re: Joe and his staff.  I don't publish it all but this is compelling.

Shut your (Venus fly) trap Joe Tacopino. I'm told that's what the prince casaraghi says in his lawsuit against you for slander. 
Joe Tacopina Soccer.  Dont you mean joe tacopina sock her? Sock a rape victim with an in your face hate crime comparing her bruised genitals to a venus fly trap  have you seen the new Joe Tacopina blog?
Do you think joe Tacopina Roma fans will write fan mail on the new joe Tacopina sports oops I mean Joe Tacopina married man blog about the mistress they say he has in italy and her sex toy? There are comments on that blog from joe Tacopina wiki jealous people they say you have a hand full of women that you juggle outside your joe tacopina wife. 
Could that be true joe tacopina soccer fan?They say you had a long affair with a lawyer. They dint say man or woman lawyer but they say everyone knew. I did not know.  That can't be true they just jealous if your joe Tacopina net worth I think. We know you are happily married for how long, 20 something years? People sending me jealous vicious rumors that you haven't won a case in a year and a half. Say it ain't so. Can't be all the big wins are on  the brag n barf website. Joe Tacopina eat a little kharma pie.  Joe tacopino wiki website no new wins since stupid amoral jurors let him blame the victim with the help of crooked obgyn dr. essig. Why is your reality show demo reel not ob your joe tacopina blog site?
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  1. This blog is trash written by people who have no lives. It is sinful that its even legal for people to write such mean spirited things based on hearsay of others. I am a fan of Mr. Tacopina And love to watch him on TV. A few years back I saw him and his wife at a restaurant in lower Manhattan. You can choose to believe what you read on the Internet but I know it's not true. When i saw them they were sitting together on the same side of the table and he kept leaning over and kissing her like he couldn't get enough- which is why I noticed them and recognized him. Plus he is larger than life and very commanding and she was a tiny little thing. The way they looked at each other you could tell they were happily married. They are a nice couple. They were humble and approachable, I went over to there table to tell Joe I was a fan. They did not shoo me away or make me feel embarrassed for being starstruck. Joe even spoke to me for a few minutes about his days on Imus. Don't spread lies of what you know nothing about.
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    1. Thanks. Funny how u say that and people searching on his wife but the rape victim abusedby monster NYPD and families murdered by Joe's clients and people who write me may not agree so why don't u get a life because admiring an ambulance chasing media whore and accusing others indicates u r calling kettle black.

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