Thanks to this BLOG Joe TACOPINA removes ABNER LOUIMA image

Thanks to this blog Joe Tacopina removed the court image of ABNER LOUIMA that crowned his website, and A-Rod's photo - A-Rod learned his lesson the hard way and didn't listen to this blog? Karma would be Tacopina's favorite Louima image tattooed on his back and prison shower justice -- Joe loves raping rape victims in court? Tacopina bragging about DECAPITATING in he an ISIS wannabe?

Did Joe Tacopina commit a series of crimes after I was assaulted at Dr Andrew Faeglman using a sock puppet account as well as ghost writing a letter by my attacker to her NYPD fixer threatening me yet again warning me yet again to not come back and he still has yet to be one has in a pile up of crimes.

Joe Tacopina involved in witness tampering aggravated harassment including calling me a cunt. threatening me the victim of a savage attack at the MD's violent lying receptionist. Did Joe Tacopina contact my attacker and write a letter with yet another threat warning me to not come forward and she signed it to the NYPD. Internal Affairs Sgt Mary O'Donnell read me the threatening letter not to come back and file assault charges again. If that was Joe's "handiwork" did he learn it from Charles Hynes.
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@NYPDONeill Joe Tacopina oggled me so I turned my iPhone on him asked y RAPES up underreported? Makesme confrontative Cunt NYPD protected fixing favors?
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Ask Joe Tacopina if he contacted my attacker Delita Hooks, they, Dr Fagelman NYPD Det committed more crimes= 0crimes

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Joe Tacopina knows a lot about corrupt NYPD officers, fixing, favors as well as retaliation and threatening a victim he knows a threatening a victim during an open investigation is a crime as is lying to as is lying to the police during an open investigation it's a crime so the doctors office committed crimes too if they lied or conspired to have me threatened.

Joe Tacopina I'm alleging threaten me with a sock with a sock puppet account and then ghost wrote a letter for my attacker she signed openly threatening me to her NYPD fixer which is why the corrupt detectives rush to seal that letter her crimes with their crimes.

Ray Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill, Charles Campisi, Reznick protected a pile up of times in my case including a misogynist hate crime my guess Joe Tacopina committed using a fake sock puppet account, there was a 2nd fake sock puppet account I believe it was Chad Siegel my guess, NYPD detectives and their supervisors committed crimes including acted on the misogynist hate crime after I forwarded the emails to the detective who had never met me lied about me and police reports and committed crimes along with his partners and crimes including the first cop I have reported to Internal Affairs who is his Facebook friend.

I asked the detective in the email is this witness tampering. If it was Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel I asked him the same question and their response was to delete the accounts. I asked him the same question and their response was to delete the counts

Joe Tacopina ghost wrote a letter for my attacker which she signed to her NYPD fixers? If so it proves the NYPD and Internal Affairs are either shockingly stupid and or the most corrupt police force and or both?

Joe being sued for not paying up?

Bernie Kerik's audio proving Joe Tacopina (aka the informant lawyer) lied. KERIK PROVED TACOPINA A SUPER LIAR

Ask Joe Tacopina 2 BABY LISA SCANDALS: where is Baby Lisa and about the MD who was his expert in the NYPD Rape Cop trial is Dr Essig who handed over the original Baby Lisa to her murder Joel Steinberg with no paper work.

For more look at the bottom of the page of this despicable man who blames the victim and I question if he did witness tampering and threatened after I was attacked at Dr Fagelman's calling me a confrontative cunt. See the bottom of the page for more of a guy that crowns his website with a court drawing of Abner Louima. How could any Black athlete do business with Joe Tacopina.

2015 Joe Tacopina loses suing the NYDN and Tim Palatore but magically avoids having to face filing a frivolous lawsuit!
Anyone other than me think this guy belong in jail?

Sept 2015 looks like Joe Tacopina burns another bridge and now Joey Saputo learned what A-Rod learned joe tacopina not an asset?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A-Rod A-Rat J-Rat Tacopina CNN Blowback Bosch Joe's Big Mouth?

A-Rod A-Rat J-Rat Tacopina CNN Blowback Bosch Joe's Big Mouth?


"One thing did blow up in Tacopina's face Monday. While appearing on CNN's "Situation Room" Tacopina said, "Clearly there was a relationship -- a consulting relationship" between Rodriguez and Anthony Bosch, founder of the Biogenesis clinic. That admission runs counter to what A-Rod's PR firm stated over the winter, when an ESPN report claimed Bosch had personally injected A-Rod with PEDs.
"The news report about a purported relationship between Alex Rodriguez and Anthony Bosch are not true," a spokesman for A-Rod said in late January. "He was not Mr. Bosch's patient, he was never treated by him and he was never advised by him. The purported documents referenced in the story, at least as they relate to Alex Rodriguez, are not legitimate."
Consider that a self-inflicted wound for Rodriguez's side, which has been on the offensive since Friday, when a "60 Minutes" report accused A-Rod of leaking the names of Ryan Braun and Francisco Cervelli from Biogenesis' lists. The next day, after A-Rod promised "bigger and bigger stories" ahead, Tacopina alleged the Yankees had conspired to sabotage his health and potentially end his career."

Can Joe Tacky-0 back up his accusations?

"...And here’s the big bomb.
Tacopina says the doctor who performed the surgery, Dr. Bryan T. Kelly, told A-Rod the Yankees told Kelly they did not want Rodriguez to play for them again.
Yankees president Randy Levine allegedly told Kelly, “I don’t ever want to see him on the field again,” according to Tacopina.
The Times says Tacopina believes MLB is “working in conjunction” with the Yankees to void Rodriguez’s contract.
“You don’t need to look much further from the top to figure out where this all comes from,” Tacopina told The Times.
Oh, and if all that wasn’t enough, Tacopina is questioning the credibility of Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch as a witness.
While I have no doubt that the Yankees are trying to void A-Rod’s contract and that MLB wants to nail Rodriguez, we can’t allow Tacopina to convince us that Rodriguez is a sympathetic figure, which is what he’s trying to do. A-Rod is a slimeball who has been caught cheating multiple times. He was juicing while partnering with an anti-steroids organization. How much more disgusting does it get?"

Ah, Larry, with Joe Tacky-O, "it" will get far more disgusting. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A-Rod Tells Joe Tacopina Shut Up?

A-Rod Tells Joe Tacopina Shut Up?

Did A-Rod tell you Taopina to find his inner off-switch and shut his big mouth?

“That’s behind us now, and I’ve shut everything down. I think it’s the best thing to do for all of us, is to just focus on the game,’’ Rodriguez said. “We’re in the middle of a pennant race, and put all the focus back on baseball.’’

A-Rat and J-Rat the love story.....?

Joe Tacopina Media Whore Wannabe in Pursuit of a Reality Show?

Joe Tacopina Media Whore Wannabe in Pursuit of a Reality Show?

Watch Joe says he wants to decapitate..... talks about BLOOD listen.....he is a predator (in court)...
(No disrespect to sex workers.)

The Tacopina firm consists of three partners and one of counsel. One of the partners, Stephen Turano, worked at Lord Day (now Locke Lord) and Chadbourne. George Vomvolakis, the counsel, spent six years in the NY DA’s office.
Advantage: The Law Firm. (Obviously, the internship in TJ tips the balance)
It’s also pretty funny how perception of reality shows has changed over the past few years. The New York Law Journal struggled to find a lawyer with anything nice to say about The Law Firm:
“It strikes me as boring, frivolous, pointless and potentially unethical,” said Ronald L. Kuby of Kuby & Perez. As co-host of the early-morning WABC talk radio program “Curtis and Kuby,” he added, “But far be it from me to criticize somebody else’s media whoring.”

A-Rod Lawyer Vanity Fair Piece on Joe Tacopina Sleeps With Fishes?

John Connolly's proposed pieced filled with info swims with the fishes?

I would love to show you Tacopina letter head I have ---

NYPD rape trial Venus flytrap.

A-Rod Lawyer Vanity Fair Piece on Joe Tacopina Sleeps With Fishes?

MLB Baseball Scandal A-Rod A-Rat Lawyer Joe Tacopina called J-Rat?

MLB v A-Rod Lawyer Joe Tacopina Fired for Sleeping with Client's Wife?

with iphone or imac you can expand image....take a look

Joe said he fired a client but he does not talk about him getting fired and for sleeping with his client's wife breaking up their marriage and returning the 20 grand...?????

Looks like Joe but the victim aka client spelled his name wrong?????

True or False?

Is that super lawyering?

Are A-Rod and Tacopina cheaters posers?

Also Joe form relations with fellow lawyers and than breaks up more times than Elizabeth Taylor?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A-Rod A-Fraud Joe Tacopina to Lose Face (Time) MLB to Release Evidence A-Rod???

MLB willing to release its evidence on Alex Rodriguez
A-Rod starring in Joe Tacopina Three Ring Circus called "Rats" has Joe losing face so many times aka walloped by MLB attorney and clever stunt delivered up by Matt Lauer, Tacopina needs more
face lifts than Joan Rivers.  Joe can't save face.  

He looks like an idiot but he loves money and A-Rod has lots of it so as long as A-Rod pays him $850 an hour to be the village idiot Joe Tacopina won't fire him.  L
Ask Joe if he ever fired a client!!!!!  He claimed she lied to him!!!!
Sure glad A-Fraud isn't a liar.   Joe would know.  

Comment from article:

Greg Gibson
ARod's attorney needs to shut the hell up. One minute, where's the evidence, the next minute, "don'trelease this information without the players union approval." I think the players would say, "okay, let's see the evidence." Then what Mr. Attorney. What's that saying, be careful what you wish for.

Suzannah Troy's tweet:

Joe Tacopina A-Rod A-Fraud keeps losing face - downside of FaceTime addict. He needs more facelifts than JR

Posted comment -- what a luxury banned most NYC media because Bloomberg critic!

No one buying tickets to Joe Tacopina's 3 ring Circus called "Rats"?  Future broadway show about selling your soul to the devil? Joe keeps losing face. MLB giving him a walloping.  Tacky-0 will need more face lifts than Joan Rivers at this rate.  The perils of being a FaceTime addict lawyer in an endless pursuit of a reality show, $850 Joe inflicts this on us? Joe went on TV and said Anthony Weiner's twitter was probably hacked!  A-Fraud hired Joe Tacky-0 to inflict as much damage as possible but karma a boomerang?

ps Is George Steinbrenner turning in his grave -- over the top dollar salary on steroids for A-Rod 
huge mistake!!!

Is this karma for demolishing the House Ruth Built?

Joe Tacopina Liar Joe Tacopina Divorced Searched

Justs be glad you do not have a relationship with him where that is an issue.

Thanks for your creative ways to send me your thoughts.....

Everyone celebrating Matt Lauer and MLB giving Joe knock out punch!

Remember Jim Carrey in Liar Liar

Some of you are searching Joe Tacopina Divorced.

Incorrect.   Joe has two lady loves in his life one at home and one at work.

Despite rumors of a romance with a younger lawyer at work not true....his
special lady at  work is Tara not lovers but she is Joe's biggest fan?

Tish is his wife and Joe is happily married.

A-Rod Joe Tacopina Strike Out Drop The Ball Matt Lauer Home Run

A-Fraud brought Joe Rape-0-pina in to cause
as much pain and suffering as possible
but Karma is a boomerang.  (Joe to NYPD rape cops message
rape away and they did.  We had even more NYPD
rapist exposed after Joe bragged he got the rape cop off.
Joe is in denial NYPD heroin rape cop Moreno in jail.)
Joe Tacopina makes me think Liar Liar the movie with Jim
Carrey without the laughs. How many NYPD rape victims
don't come forward? Look what NYPD and IAB did to me.)

Joe may get more than he bargained for,
a serving of Karma Pie.

Joe Tacky-0's  comments about George Steinbrenner has people
rewinding to Joe stating Anthony Weiner's twitter
account was hacked.

Yesterday on TV Joe dropped his balls, oops little balls typo, dropped the
ball when Matt Lauer humiliated him and A-Rat!!!!

MLB Knock-Out Punch A-Rod Joe Tacopina refuses to sign agreement to air truth about Yankee’s doping past

We are taking bets ---- what are the odds Joe Tacopina gets

debarred ---- a shut out and not the kind you want in

baseball or in the legal world!

Alex Rodriguez’s lawyer Joe Tacopina refuses to sign MLB agreement to air truth about Yankee’s doping past in rambling ‘Today’ show interview  

Read more:

If you could would you want Joe Tacopina as your best friend and or lawyer....

let's ask these folks?

Monday, August 19, 2013

A-Rod Joe Tacopina Rat History of Betrayal?

Myla Sinaja

Joe Tacopina took Myla on as a client to get media attention and than if you google it he told TMZ he fired her --- she told him she was pregnant and she told the media was.

Joe said I dumped as a client and The NY Post wrote an article that Joe fired like you can fire a client ---- and what he said to the media -- I fired her I am not representing her because she lied to me.

She told me she was pregnant and that was a lie.

By saying that Joe Tacopina violated attorney client privilege.

Who else has Joe alleged violated on his client list, friend or fellow lawyer?

Mr. Decandia

Mr. Raffaello Follieri

Mr, Bernie Kerik

Ms. Myla Sinaja

Mr. Ron Fischetti

Ms. Foxy Brown

In this one, Arod says he doesn't know why his lawyer is speaking at this time. The answer of course is because he's a media junkie.

This one proves that he claims on his  résumé that he has played professional hockey but it is a lie. 

Here, Tacopina admits he ratted out Bernie but thinks its ok
 because it wasn't attorney client protected. 
Is Joe a Rat?  Joe says no.  Everyone else says 
YES and the Mafia won't hire him anymore.
Tacopina rats out Ron Fischetti. 

This article details Joe's involvement with Follieri and how Joe screwed him?

This is a good one:  here, he speaks publicly on behalf of Amanda Knox, without permission, as if he is her lawyer, and  her lawyers criticize him.  

His clients think he sucks:

Here is Joe Tacopina alleged mistress?

What do Tish, Joe's wife and Tara -- Joe's wannabe 
wife have to say about this?

Joel Sherman Backs up Theory George Steinbrenner Wouldn't by a Ticket to Joe Tacopina Show Rats

Joel Sherman backs up my theory that if  George Steinbrenner was alive he would not buy a ticket to Joe Tacopina's show called "Rats".

thanks Joel for exposing Joe Tacopina for what he is, "A-Fraud".

A-Rod is using a vile creature posing as human Joe Rape-o-pina Tacopina to attempt to cause as much suffering as possible for everyone but the most responsible his client A-Rat because Joe's speciality in my opinion is representing guilty people and than blaming the victim tearing them to shreds and in my opinion lying about them in court or as close to lying as possible and maybe one day it will be his family member on the receiving end of someone like him.

Anyway A-Rod may find Joe Tacopina as his mouth piece will back fire and a few clues as to why can be found in Joel Sherman's piece

Saturday, August 17, 2013

George Steinbrenner Wouldn't Buy a Ticket to Joe Tacopina A-Rod Show "Rats"

Joe Tacopina A-Rod Denial George Steinbrenner Would be Horrified by A-Rat

 Joe Tacopina A-Rod Denial George Steinbrenner Would be Horrified by A-Rat

'George Steinbrenner would be horrified': A-Rod's attorney fires shots at Yankees

 BOSTON — Alex Rodriguez promised “a very, very bumpy road” ahead. The Yankees’ beleaguered third baseman has delivered quickly and explosively. Joseph Tacopina, the latest addition to Rodriguez’s...   Full Story

Wow first of all what did Joe do to lose all that weight!   I guess he put away his Chris Christie suits that he needed a shoe horn to get in to but Joe Tacopina is used to the press not challenging him and acting like his secretary and public relations team so no tough questions and spineless reporters just give this lawyer that said something about want to decapitate people in court.....
George Steinbrenner had a lot of compassion for bad boys, gee I wonder why but the money and
fall-out A-Rat is costing the Yankees would probably have evoked disgust yet Joe spews his
lies oops his lawyerly insights hardee har and secretaries posing as news reporters write his trash
not challenging him.

Joe Tacopina Predator Looks for Blood to Decapitate in Court!

The New York Post Joe Tacopina The Most Hated lawyer!!!!!

In Joe Tacopina's own words -- he says he is a predator in court.  He looks for blood he looks to decapitate--- all in his demo -- YouTube below....very, very violent imagery.  (How sick is that?
Really to me it sounds mental --  so violent inside he lives vicariously thru his clients like van der Sloot?)

Joe are those really the words you want to use when pitching a reality tv show?
It is tragic really --- Joe is a media face addict and you almost feel he is going to have a tragic comeuppance and his haters warn me not to have sympathy for him he is a very bad guy... you would be amazed at the diverse group of people that have approached me on the street or found ways to share info on Joe.

Don't you love when Joe Rape-0-pina Tacky-0 uses the words "the process is perverted" which is hello how when he isn't losing cases is the only reason he wins a case!!!!!!!!  Hardee har har.

Joe Tacky-0 now charges $850 dollars an hour.    I never hear Gerald Shargel bragging how much money he earns an hour.     How much money has Joe spent on trying to make himself look way better than he is because last time I saw him he was older and not half as good as Gerald Shargel!

Well Joe is a face time addict so let's see how much of a circus he makes and if in fact he hurts A-Rat more than he helps him?????  Let's ask Bernie Kerik for a comment and if he thinks Joe Tacopina ratted him out?

A-Rod Joe Tacopina A-Rat

A-Rod Joe Tacopina A-Rat  Joe's friends at NYDN most be on summer vacation because they slam 
A-Rod as A-Rat on front cover.  Maybe they read my post yesterday????

Wow Melissa Grace and Joe Tacopina's special friends at The NYDN -- what are you going to do about protecting Joe Tacopina as A-Rod and Joe Tacky-0 begin "Rats" a media circus destined for Broadway or the World Wrestling Association where steroids and tight suits like the ones Joe has painted on his body are welcome!!!!

When Joe lost the misogynist one legged millionaire case failing to demonize the woman
victim like he did in the NYPD heroin rape cop trial convincing a misogynist jury getting drunk is an invitation for NYPD officers to rape women. In the State of NY being drunk her consent if in fact she did was null and void but Joe bragged about getting the NYPD rape cop off.  Joe got the heroin hidden in rape cop Moreno's locker tossed and I bet IAB did case closed on the heroin in a ny minute. 

I want to ask Tacopina and A-Rod under oath about women but oh yeah this is about A-Rat so ask Joe why word is he ratted out Bernie Kerik!!!!!

A-Rod not the brightest pro athlete....?

NYDN Tacopina was paid to write a disingenous piece on rape?
Joe Tacopina probably scripted Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel asking if The NYPD Rape victim's vagina snapped shut like fly traps?

Mort Zuckerman, Why the special relationship with that slimy nasty rape cop lawyer?

Rats but not cheaters....?

Friday, August 16, 2013

A-Rod Joe Tacopina You Guys Every Cheat on Your Wives?

A-Rod Joe Tacopina You Guys Every Cheat on Your Wives?
A-Rod a class act doesn't --- A-Rod doesn't have a wife anymore for some reason.

Look at a screen shot of a legal document that names Joe in a divorce preceding -- click on it and take a peek!

Joe's name is misspelled so many there is another "cocky" lawyer that did this and Joe is innocent but since A-Rod picked Joe maybe to make A-Rod look like less of an evil figure is he is standing by a guy  who is more hated than he....?

Tune in to Rats the name of a new broadway show or A-Rods on going media circus?

Joe is called Rape-0-pina, Tacky-0, the most hated attorney who brags he got NYPD heroin rape cop off and by the way NYPD rape cop Moreno is in jail where he belongs!

Joe losed a big one -- representing the one legged millionaire that roughed up his victim who Joe attempted to demonize and blame for his client's violence -- standard misogynist Joe Rape-0-pina loves to rape women victim's emotionally in court with an audience.

The NYDN a friend to Joe Tacopina cut him out literally from the loss...

Joe and A-Rod have a lot in common?

ps Joe is happily married to his wife I forget her name Tara or something like that....
he does not cheat.  Also A-Rod does not cheat.

Read comments comparing Joe to A-Rod in link above....

A-Rod Joe Tacopina "Rats" Broadway Show or Media Circus?

A-Rod Joe Tacopina Rats A new broadway show?

A-Rod Joe Tacopina Rats A new broadway show?
Question:  Why did Joe Tacopina lose Mafia client base?

I would ask Bernie Kerik if he would attend the show Rats but he lived it.

Joe denies ratting Bernie out to the Feds.

You can watch the media circus in lieu of a future broadway show because
A-rod continues to prove he is a good lucking oops looking dummy who now has a
media circus on steroids now that he brought on Joe Rape-opina who loves
raping women in court blaming them for their abusers violence.

Someone suggested the misogynist witness tampering comments on YouTube
of me being violently assaulted could have been made by Joe Tacky-0, Vomit or
Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel who compared the NYPD rape victim's bruised vagina
to a fly trap.
Joe and gang would by stoop that low maybe someone connected to woman
the medical receptionist claiming to be a lawyer making misogynist
comment demonizing  me a victim of a violent crime where I was a patient...???

Look up screen shot of allegations in divorce papers accusing a certain
lawyer of sleeping with his client's wife.

A-Rod an idiot to steroid amp up media circus I call Rats because
bring in Joe is like injecting this media circus with steroids!!!!


Where is baby Lisa?  

Watch my youtube on Joe and 2 Baby Lisas.  

ps G-d works in mysterious ways and we can pray for Karma and
maybe late in the 9th inning of evil people's lives they will get
served.  For now we blog...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A-Rod Joe Tacopina A Match Tacky-0 A-Rod Really Piss People Off!

Joe Tacopina Roma did you remove this photo of you in Italy with a much younger woman sharing smiles from the tacky0blogspot ???   (no it was a technical error and is back up folks!)

Photo missing from this blog....

A-Rod attracted to someone more hated than himself????

Joe Rape-0-pina let NYPD Heroin Rape Cop prey on Joe's daughter and a lawyer treat his daughter like the viscous rape defender blame the vicitm Joe Tacky-0's favorite thing blame
women for the violence by people acting out maybe some of his deepest desires?
A-Rod any comment on the NYPD Heroin Rape Cop?

If you are a dirty corrupt NYPD Rapist call 1-800 Joe Tacopina and Joe Rape-0-pina 
has got you covered.

Tacky-O  EGO bruised today Joe Tacopina wikipedia, after reading ESPN's "A-Rod hires Most HATED Lawyer in New York" comments?!? Tacky-0 a big hit with NY Sports AS Roma fans! Maybe you can have that younger woman oops I meant your associate, Dina NeshiT/// excuse me that add on to her name that is rude... kiss your boo-boos tonight. Sad thing is when she leaves Joe's firm she will need some really care just like Joe's victim's --- the women he blames for his client's violence. 

Just in case you missed some of those comments, here's some favorites:
One Jack #$%$ deserves another. Both Too Cocky and neither as Good as they think And for sure..NEITHER worth what they get paid.
no shark just a bottom feeding sewer rat, just like a-royd.
Shark......more like a blowfish
Tacopina and Rodriguez make a great portrait of the cancer that is rotting our society from the inside.
Tacopina would've defended Hitler telling the military justices that Adolph was just misunderstood and all those Jews committed suicide. You have attorneys then you have bottom-feeder #$%$-sucking feces with legs like Tacopina. He'll be swapping stories with Satan joking how how he got off rapists, cop killers, pedophiles, and the whole of human trash.
Don't worry a-fraud will get rid of him because he will get more attention than he will and he won't be able to handle that.
That's it?? $6,500 for a Panerai. If he's all that then he'd be sporting a Patek Philippe, at least.
For $750 an hour he better shine your shoes and do a little Jigg dance.
I would have hired the most feared lawyer myself instead of the most hated.
The marriage of two dirtbags ! Tacopina is in organized crime. He fronts his criminal efforts behind The Korean Midget Wrestler's Association !
Amazing this lawyer has not got the decency to kill himself.
Tacopina and ARod...........they both have "Most Hated" in common
Heard at A-Rod´s camp: "Hey, Alex, there´s a lawyer that is said to represent any #$%$!" A-Rod: "Get him on the phone right away!" Bad jokes aside, obviously A-Fraud will wage a legal fight, however, the most likely outcome will be that he will tarnish his image and legacy even more and as difficult as that may seem I´m pretty sure he will succeed at that. Bring out the popcorn and enjoy the show! Amazing the degree of damage an inflated ego can do.
Lawyers in general are pretty bad, criminal attorneys on both sides are especially bad, but this guy seems to have his own ring of hell on reserve.
That guy looks like a Grade-A douche. I don't need to clarify which one.
So A-roid hires Tapioca (or whatever this idiots name is). Money byes anything. What a poor excuse of a human
Either way we all know A-Rod is a cheater and a lier. He just hired the best cheater and lier to defend him.
#$%$ lawyer for a #$%$ baseball player!
A rich egotistical d-bag to defend a rich egotistical d-bag. Sounds like a good match.
"He's slick, he's got a big ego, and he'll represent any #$%$." - That's the guy for me! - Alex Rodriguez.
The hiring of this unmorale lawyer by ARod has a lot to say about his real intentions in this whole scandal. It tells me that he is guilty as hell of all he's been charged with and will spend anything to hired a dirty lawyer to keep promoting his indecent and disrespectful acts he has done against baseball. This goes against all an athlete should be, and goes to show all the fans who the real players are from those who just have personal interests at heart.
why would an innocent person, like A-WAD says he is,need such a POS like Tacopina.....

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A-Rod Joe Tacopina Tacky-0 Cheaters?

Joe Tacopina A-Rod The Cheating Kind?
Win at all costs it's not how you play the game?

Someone anonymously alleged joe cheated on NYPD rape trial and got cozy with a woman juror. A total lie and joe would have been disbarred. 

If Joe took 20 grand from a client way back and slept with his client's wife why wasn't he disbarred?

A-Rod cheater money can't protect you from karma pie but can buy you tacky-0
perfect fit for A-Rod!!!!

A-Rod hasn't learnt his lesson. 

Excuse me A-Rod not a cheater!

Birds of a feather flock together!  A Rod broke out the little black book of cheaters and found NYC's best ... vomit ... to add to his legal team????? Excuse me Joe not a cheater.  Jealous women that lust for Joe make up stories because Joe so handsome and not a cheater. Arod not a cheater.  Birds of a feather.  

Seems like Joe Tacopino will be the media whore of the team as usual! He can't be too happy that his AS Roma god of a face .... Barf!!! ... Is not plastered on the NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez MLB stories hitting the papers this week! Sorry Tacky O bio, your cheating client is stealing your face time! Maybe your wife can comfort you, oh no that's right, victim's lawyer, you have your associate at the office handling that these days! Calm it down haters! 

Where is Baby Lisa?
Watch youtube joe Tacopina 2 baby lisas ambulance chasing media face time addict????

Got to give credit where credit is due ... A Rod knows that joe tacopina tacky-0 lawyer is a big name with a big mouth and a big belly but with a little ....brain???? but really overly aggressive not from steroids  that's why he hired David Cornwell, Esq. last week to head his legal eagles! Joe, Your buddies on Page 6 failed to mention that ... Or maybe Tara just happen to miss a line in your press release.  Maybe with the $850 an hour A Rod is paying you these days, you can hire a meticulous assistant or is Tara the name of Joe's wife? Joe's gals true blue. 

Someone searched Joe Tacopina divorce today.  

Joe is not getting divorced sillies. 

Happily married and rumors of a Simon Cowell younger gal not true and no pregnancy.  

A Rod any comment on Joe Rapeopina oops
Tacopina bragging about getting
NYPD heroin rape cop Moreno off. 

A Rod so glad you don't do blow. 

Can't wait to hear this defense .... Judging from the looks of those "tailored" suits, too tight get a new tailor,  Joseph Tacopina wiki and his new cheating buddy are no testosterone virgins! Joe in denial about his suits or know bf to tell him get new suits that fit?

Hey, MLB's disgrace of a NY Yankee, A Rod, a little advice ... Contact Bernie Kerik in Jersey ... He'll let you know what happens when the Feds come a knockin' ... The rat starts a talkin'! Who would refer to Westport's Tacopina as a rat?!? Just jealous haters! 

A Rod so tacky Tacky-0 puurrrfect. 

True or false Mafia won't hire joe Tacky-0
because he's a rat?

Maybe Lance Armstrong will hire Joe?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Joe Tacopina Hated Watch List Pulling a Simon Cowell?

 The portly attorney took off his Chris Christie suit and scowls he wears to cut oops to court to enjoy some smiles with a much younger woman (at least compared to Joe) that admired me oops him  -- does he make associates sign non disclosure....tacky-o---uuhho once
Joe's charm wears thin and it always does ho hum???????

Any updates on Baby Lisa Joe?   
Tacopina Watchers have so much to share but this is the only gossip I can print and say to haters shame on you!!!!!  You are soooooo jealous!!!!

Does the Joe Tacopina wife know that her husband travels to joe Tacopina roma with Dina niesheiwat the young lawyer who appears on his website?   Maybe she is happy about time away from Joe?  I can't see his hands ring no ring????  Who cares.  

Is this the other lawyer joe tacopina Westport haters accuse him of sleeping with?

When joe tacopina wife finds out will Dina be suspended like A-Rod suspended?  
Just co workers hello!!!  Your minds in gutter jealous haters!!!
Joe's wife Tara oh what's her name knows who she is dealing with and us smart 
than Joe and if she EVER divorces Joe she hirer a.far better lawyer!!!!

Will Dina be named in the joe Tacopino divorce papers like joe Tacopino was named in the Decandia papers and simon cowell named in divorce papers as being the reason for the divorce?

No way.  Joe is loyal hubbies jealous people make up stories about NYPD Herion raid cop defender!

Is Dina niesheiwat sporting a baby bump like Lauren Silverman? 

Is Bernie Kerick going to write about this in his book?

No just co-workers despite huge age difference they have a lot in common both admire Joe?

Will joe Tacopina be the next bachelor?

Stay tuned for the next episode