Thanks to this BLOG Joe TACOPINA removes ABNER LOUIMA image

Thanks to this blog Joe Tacopina removed the court image of ABNER LOUIMA that crowned his website, and A-Rod's photo - A-Rod learned his lesson the hard way and didn't listen to this blog? Karma would be Tacopina's favorite Louima image tattooed on his back and prison shower justice -- Joe loves raping rape victims in court? Tacopina bragging about DECAPITATING in he an ISIS wannabe?

Did Joe Tacopina commit a series of crimes after I was assaulted at Dr Andrew Faeglman using a sock puppet account as well as ghost writing a letter by my attacker to her NYPD fixer threatening me yet again warning me yet again to not come back and he still has yet to be one has in a pile up of crimes.

Joe Tacopina involved in witness tampering aggravated harassment including calling me a cunt. threatening me the victim of a savage attack at the MD's violent lying receptionist. Did Joe Tacopina contact my attacker and write a letter with yet another threat warning me to not come forward and she signed it to the NYPD. Internal Affairs Sgt Mary O'Donnell read me the threatening letter not to come back and file assault charges again. If that was Joe's "handiwork" did he learn it from Charles Hynes.
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@NYPDONeill Joe Tacopina oggled me so I turned my iPhone on him asked y RAPES up underreported? Makesme confrontative Cunt NYPD protected fixing favors?
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Ask Joe Tacopina if he contacted my attacker Delita Hooks, they, Dr Fagelman NYPD Det committed more crimes= 0crimes

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Joe Tacopina knows a lot about corrupt NYPD officers, fixing, favors as well as retaliation and threatening a victim he knows a threatening a victim during an open investigation is a crime as is lying to as is lying to the police during an open investigation it's a crime so the doctors office committed crimes too if they lied or conspired to have me threatened.

Joe Tacopina I'm alleging threaten me with a sock with a sock puppet account and then ghost wrote a letter for my attacker she signed openly threatening me to her NYPD fixer which is why the corrupt detectives rush to seal that letter her crimes with their crimes.

Ray Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill, Charles Campisi, Reznick protected a pile up of times in my case including a misogynist hate crime my guess Joe Tacopina committed using a fake sock puppet account, there was a 2nd fake sock puppet account I believe it was Chad Siegel my guess, NYPD detectives and their supervisors committed crimes including acted on the misogynist hate crime after I forwarded the emails to the detective who had never met me lied about me and police reports and committed crimes along with his partners and crimes including the first cop I have reported to Internal Affairs who is his Facebook friend.

I asked the detective in the email is this witness tampering. If it was Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel I asked him the same question and their response was to delete the accounts. I asked him the same question and their response was to delete the counts

Joe Tacopina ghost wrote a letter for my attacker which she signed to her NYPD fixers? If so it proves the NYPD and Internal Affairs are either shockingly stupid and or the most corrupt police force and or both?

Joe being sued for not paying up?

Bernie Kerik's audio proving Joe Tacopina (aka the informant lawyer) lied. KERIK PROVED TACOPINA A SUPER LIAR

Ask Joe Tacopina 2 BABY LISA SCANDALS: where is Baby Lisa and about the MD who was his expert in the NYPD Rape Cop trial is Dr Essig who handed over the original Baby Lisa to her murder Joel Steinberg with no paper work.

For more look at the bottom of the page of this despicable man who blames the victim and I question if he did witness tampering and threatened after I was attacked at Dr Fagelman's calling me a confrontative cunt. See the bottom of the page for more of a guy that crowns his website with a court drawing of Abner Louima. How could any Black athlete do business with Joe Tacopina.

2015 Joe Tacopina loses suing the NYDN and Tim Palatore but magically avoids having to face filing a frivolous lawsuit!
Anyone other than me think this guy belong in jail?

Sept 2015 looks like Joe Tacopina burns another bridge and now Joey Saputo learned what A-Rod learned joe tacopina not an asset?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The New York Times Q&A with Joe Tacopina more false public relations? Yup!

The New York Times Q&A with Joe Tacopina  more false public relations?
Joe, when you tap danced on the Today show didn't you end up with your foot in your mouth? 

Joe Tacopina Liar Liar?  Is Joe Tacopina being called a liar in comment
section The NY Times?  I copied and pasted it in bold below
along with other colorful comments on Joe Tacky-0-pina?

The Questions The New York Times won't ask?

Joe how many of your clients went to jail?

True answer....
False answer I win all my cases...?

Raffaello Follieri,
Bernie Kerik
Liba Broncato,_Jr.

One Legged millionaire

NYPD Rape Cop -- Joe won that but the NYPD Rape Cop is in JAIL!!!!!

Hiram Monserrate oops Hiram had some problems with Joe's stiff hourly rate but where do Joe's clients end up?

Melanie McGuire

Joe True or False you use a Court Officer Parking Placard to park?   Heard on the street and I HEAR so many interesting thangs up Joe and his partners.... I don't publish half of it although I seem to be the good oops go to blog on Joe Tacky-0!!!

Joe Tacopina  Do People ask if you if you seen the movie Liar Liar?

True or False

Joe True or False People have this notion you are romancing Dina Nesheiwat?  False!

Happily married but when the search Joe's wife they find my name...?

True or False This photo gets you angry for some reason?

Joe when you tap dance do you end up with your foot in your mouth?

True or False The Mafia won't use
you because you are a rat?
      • Robert C Guenveur
      • Brooklyn
      He and A-Rod seem to be perfect for one another.
        • Lisa
        • New York
        Can't say I disagree with this, about Brian Cashman and Randy Levine: "I’m not rooting for the front office. I’m rooting for the pinstripes." And yes, they *are* thugs.
          • Socrates
          • Downtown Verona NJ
          He seems so sweet and lovable.
            • Paul
            • Bellerose Terrace
            According to a Bloomberg Businessweek profile, Mr. Tacopina is 47 years old. Yet here
             the question is put to him and his answer
             is thus about his rooting interests:
            "You were a Yankees fan growing up.
            'The first time my dad took me out to 

            Yankee Stadium
             was the George Brett pine-tar-incident game.'"
            The pine tar game was 30 years ago-*exactly*

             this year. So Tacopina wants us to
             believe that the first time his dad
             took him out to Yankee Stadium 
            was when he was SEVENTEEN 
            years old? I'm here to call bulldinkie
             on that claim. The first time my dad, 
            who was NOT a sports fan at all,
             took me to Yankee Stadium was 
            when I was six years old, and 
            I came home with a Roger Maris
             model bat on Bat Day. They used 
            to ask all the kids to hold up their bats in unison.

            And on the web site of his law firm,

             prominently placed is this quote:
            "Mr. Tacopina is to the defense bar

             what Donald Trump is to real estate" —New York Times - See more at:

            Which again proves the old PR axiom: There is no such thing as bad publicity.
              • aronnonolondon
              • NewYork
              I will never cease to be amazed at the interviews lawyers for celebrity clients give to the press. Your disregard all of the facts of any case becuae you are overcome by your desire to defend the indefensible. Obviously, big, big bucks are invloved!

              He, the subject of the interview, your client, got a bum rap because he is a BUM, in all aspects of the dictionary's explanation of the meaning of that word. The fact that he lied under oath only enhances his negative reputation.

              He should be suspended from Major League Baseball forever as he does not deserve the honor and the privilege, let alone all that money, to grace a professional baseball field, ever again.
                • DSM
                • Oneonta, NY
                Uh...we're you a witness to ANY of this, if so, then I'll take your word for it, if not, why not let the people who WERE involved tell an independent person what they believed the truth is....sheesh!!!
                • David
                • Phoenix
                DSM, you must be an attorney.
              • charlie
              • storrs
              He's good!
              1. "
                • Paul
                • Bellerose Terrace
                A potential marketing slogan: "If you've been bad, I'm good."

                Suzannah B. Troy almost 9PM my comment is not approved yet...hmmm.
                Here is my comment posted at 7:33pm but who knows if the new york (putin-ville) Times will approve my freedom of speech.

                I have a faded Yankee Baseball with all the team members signatures including my favorite Captain Thurman Munson.   Munson was a family man and an icon that represented heart who would never, ever have needed the services of someone like Joe Tacopina.  I call Joe Tacopina "Tacky-0" because of his behavior in court with such examples as Tacopina Seigel's strategy to compare the alleged victim of the NYPD Rape cops genitals to a (Venus) Fly Trap and to hire Dr. Essing who handed over Baby Lisa -- the original Baby Lisa -- to Joel Steinberg.

                The only reason A-Rod could have hired Joe Tacky-0 was to Joe to make A-Rod look better.  On his best day A-Rod is no Thurman Munson."

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