Thanks to this BLOG Joe TACOPINA removes ABNER LOUIMA image

Thanks to this blog Joe Tacopina removed the court image of ABNER LOUIMA that crowned his website, and A-Rod's photo - A-Rod learned his lesson the hard way and didn't listen to this blog? Karma would be Tacopina's favorite Louima image tattooed on his back and prison shower justice -- Joe loves raping rape victims in court? Tacopina bragging about DECAPITATING in he an ISIS wannabe?

Did Joe Tacopina commit a series of crimes after I was assaulted at Dr Andrew Faeglman using a sock puppet account as well as ghost writing a letter by my attacker to her NYPD fixer threatening me yet again warning me yet again to not come back and he still has yet to be one has in a pile up of crimes.

Joe Tacopina involved in witness tampering aggravated harassment including calling me a cunt. threatening me the victim of a savage attack at the MD's violent lying receptionist. Did Joe Tacopina contact my attacker and write a letter with yet another threat warning me to not come forward and she signed it to the NYPD. Internal Affairs Sgt Mary O'Donnell read me the threatening letter not to come back and file assault charges again. If that was Joe's "handiwork" did he learn it from Charles Hynes.
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@NYPDONeill Joe Tacopina oggled me so I turned my iPhone on him asked y RAPES up underreported? Makesme confrontative Cunt NYPD protected fixing favors?
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Ask Joe Tacopina if he contacted my attacker Delita Hooks, they, Dr Fagelman NYPD Det committed more crimes= 0crimes

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Joe Tacopina knows a lot about corrupt NYPD officers, fixing, favors as well as retaliation and threatening a victim he knows a threatening a victim during an open investigation is a crime as is lying to as is lying to the police during an open investigation it's a crime so the doctors office committed crimes too if they lied or conspired to have me threatened.

Joe Tacopina I'm alleging threaten me with a sock with a sock puppet account and then ghost wrote a letter for my attacker she signed openly threatening me to her NYPD fixer which is why the corrupt detectives rush to seal that letter her crimes with their crimes.

Ray Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill, Charles Campisi, Reznick protected a pile up of times in my case including a misogynist hate crime my guess Joe Tacopina committed using a fake sock puppet account, there was a 2nd fake sock puppet account I believe it was Chad Siegel my guess, NYPD detectives and their supervisors committed crimes including acted on the misogynist hate crime after I forwarded the emails to the detective who had never met me lied about me and police reports and committed crimes along with his partners and crimes including the first cop I have reported to Internal Affairs who is his Facebook friend.

I asked the detective in the email is this witness tampering. If it was Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel I asked him the same question and their response was to delete the accounts. I asked him the same question and their response was to delete the counts

Joe Tacopina ghost wrote a letter for my attacker which she signed to her NYPD fixers? If so it proves the NYPD and Internal Affairs are either shockingly stupid and or the most corrupt police force and or both?

Joe being sued for not paying up?

Bernie Kerik's audio proving Joe Tacopina (aka the informant lawyer) lied. KERIK PROVED TACOPINA A SUPER LIAR

Ask Joe Tacopina 2 BABY LISA SCANDALS: where is Baby Lisa and about the MD who was his expert in the NYPD Rape Cop trial is Dr Essig who handed over the original Baby Lisa to her murder Joel Steinberg with no paper work.

For more look at the bottom of the page of this despicable man who blames the victim and I question if he did witness tampering and threatened after I was attacked at Dr Fagelman's calling me a confrontative cunt. See the bottom of the page for more of a guy that crowns his website with a court drawing of Abner Louima. How could any Black athlete do business with Joe Tacopina.

2015 Joe Tacopina loses suing the NYDN and Tim Palatore but magically avoids having to face filing a frivolous lawsuit!
Anyone other than me think this guy belong in jail?

Sept 2015 looks like Joe Tacopina burns another bridge and now Joey Saputo learned what A-Rod learned joe tacopina not an asset?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Fox, Judge Piro The Scandal Hiring Misogynist Super Liar Joe Tacopina?

suzannahtroy (@suzannahtroy)
misogynistnyc: Judge Piro, If Joe Tacopina broke laws mycase Cunt threat bury me turn tables, #NYPD & Fox protect?…
‪Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, News Corp, Judge Piro Fox Hire Misogynist Blame Women super liar Joe Tacopina?‬‬

Tweet to NYPD PC O'Neill: ‪Joe Tacopina oggled me so I turned my iPhone on him asked y RAPES up underreported? Makesme confrontative Cunt NYPD protected fixing favors?‬

Andrea Parlatore (@Drea6980)
@YouTheJuryFOX @JudgeJeanine With all u know abt Joe Tacopina, how on earth cld u do a show w/such scum? Shocking, shameful and disloyal!!!

Maybe Joe Tacopina oggles Judge Piro flirts with her off camera. He oggled me came stood right next to me like a predator.  If he came on to Judge Piro off camera maybe she likes it and in her case she's willing to ignore his behavior during the NYPD rape cop trial blaming the victim, dehumanizing women and the fact that he and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel compared women's vaginas to Venus fly trap.

NYPD rape cop trial Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel hired the medical doctor   handed over the original baby Lisa here in New York City to her future murderer without any paperwork!

‪Fox NY Post: Joe Tacopina hired Joel Steinberg original Baby Lisa adoption MD shocker NYPD Rape Cops’ trial ‬ ‬

Joe Tacopina Fired Sex with Client's Wife?  make sure to scroll down to the third page of the divorce papers were Joe Tacopina his name is finally correctly spelled with an a at the end!!!!!  At first his name is misspelled on the first two pages but it says page 3 Joe Tacopina!!!!!

Jamie Schram was given the legal  divorce papers a few years ago that name Joe Tacopina in divorce papers he was interested in  running the story but the guy that gave them the story let me know that Jamie Schram  made an inappropriate what I would call misogynist comment about me.    

The NY Post some of the more senior guys at the NY Post are really misogynist? 

Interesting two different New York Post reporters were interested in doing the story of me savagely assaulted at Dr Andrew Fagelman's but their misogynist editors didn't allow it. 

The New York Post also did not cover the fact that there's audio incriminating audio of the NYPD laughing and talking about a fake felony charge for activist who does cop watch filming cops because they're concerned about NYPD abusing their power breaking laws like in our cases by the way Jose's mine, NBA Star Thabo Sefolasha's, etc 

 The New York Post editors kill stories like a serial killer reporter that no longer works there was going to do a piece on the fact that CituTime crook Gerard Denault  sued SAIC and won and SAIC  has to pay all of his legal bills!  

Editor lied to the NY Post reporter  and said there wasn't enough room to run the story and maybe next week but it was a lie .

If the New York Post ran that that wouldn't be good for Rudy Giuliani and his deputy mayor's turn lobbyist the profited from pushing all these corrupt SAIC deals and now Rudy's had a tech for the government are you kidding me he didn't even move the 911 Emergency command center after the first terrorist attack at the World Trade Center and he had 11 years before September 11th. 

Getting back to Joe Tacopina I want to ask him and his family if they've ever gotten fixing in favors for that matter if he got any fixing in favors from the NYPD for his clients for Friend for family and if he  is involved in anyway with the New York pensions and the PBA NYPD or was he...? I have a lot of questions perhaps the first is did he use sock puppet accounts to break the law with a misogynist he crime  threatening me the victim during an open investigation and said he goes right my attackers letter to the NYPD her fixer she signed that letter and she openly threatens me similarly to the cunt hate crime or protected by corrupt NYPD officials and Internal Affairs. 

 I called Mark peters, de Blasio ex campaign guy when I called promoted to head of Dept of Investigations about the 911 tech corruption in the stealing and he had me call Internal Affairs though he knew I was suing them!

 Let's have exit interviews for victims of the NYPD and do a statistical data base and the last question should be do you feel that Internal Affairs failed you and or was complicit protecting NYPD crimes? 

Was Joe Tacopina fired for having SEX  with his clients wife?

Then how extra inappropriate is it for FOX to hire him  on the tale of the Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly sexual harassment lawsuits ?

Has Joe Tacopina oggled Judge Piro the way he oggled my legs,  he came up to me stood by me ogled me  so I took my video camera and pointed at him and asked him does he know why rapes her up and under reported?

FYI  later by the way I found anonymous searches on my blog accusing Joe Tacopina of rape.

I would like to ask Fox's Judge Piro  questions about Joe Tacopina and if she hires any lawyers who took proffer agreements to be on her TV show like Joe Tacopina and if he didn't take the proffer agreements when  betrayed his client best friend and business partner Bernie Kerik, would Joe Tacopina have been arrested and for what?

Besides Joe Tacopina ever oggling her I have other questions I would like to ask her about Joe Tacopina, the NYPD detective said acted on the misogynist  hate crime and my case savagely assaulted at Dr Andrew Fagelman's far worse than Uber customer who threatened to punch yourself in the face and accuse Uber driver of rape because my attacker went through with her threats to harm me, lied to the police detectives who laughed like they were caught on audio laughing  discussing putting fake felony charges on Cop Watch activist Jose LaSalle. 

 Fox hires a misogynist lawyer who blames rape victims and he and Chad Seigel compared the NYPD rape cops victim  vagina to a penis flytrap and Fox hires the misogynist asked superlawyer that major-league baseball proved is a super liar along with Bernie Ka hires the misogynist asked super lawyer that major league baseball proved is a super liar along with Bernie Kerik audio they pulled back the curtain and proved Joe Tacopina was a liar a super liar  I believe in my case he is 100% guilty and that he and I am guessing Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel  both broke the law and my attacker her employer the NYPD detective's and supervisors all conspired to break the law from the false cross-complaint lying and police reports to repeated threats including my attacker signed letter --  just like the audio of Jose LaSalle and I posted 3 audios on YouTube plus the audio of the attack  or proof of a lot of lying and corruption with the call by the NYPD and Internal Affairs and others to keep my case close to cover up all their crimes.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Fox You The Jury Hires Joe Tacopina of NYPD Rape Blame The Victim

.@YouTheJuryFOX @JudgeJeanine If Joe Tacopina broke laws mycase Cunt threat bury me turn tables would misogynist corrupt NYPD protect him?

‪You The Jury Judge Piro, Joe Tacopina took proffer agreements Bernie Kerik case could Tacopina have gone to jail if he said no to proffers? ‬

Fox Roger Ailes, O'Reilly, now Misogynist Super Liar Joe Tacopina?

Judge Piro, Kerik Case Feds Joe Tacopina proffer agreement. Could they have arrested Joe? Any lawyers on your show take proffer agreements?‬

Judge Piro is it OK compare NYPD rape victim vagina to Venus fly trap because that's what Joe Tacopina/Chad Seigel did NYPD Rape cop case‬

‪If you care about women if you care about not blaming rape victims including by NYPD do not watch the show boycott the show. ‬

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@YouTheJuryFOX @JudgeJeanine Did Joe Tacopina client Abner Louima case call IA re Sodomy horrific attack Abner Louima report Volpe?
‪Fox You Jury ? Boycott Fox Misogyny Hire Joe Tacopina blamed #NYPD Rape Cop Victim Tacopina hell or jail or both?‬

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@YouTheJuryFOX @JudgeJeanine MLB is Joe Tacopina unwelcome MLB forgave A-Rod steroids but not hiring Joe Tacopina like lying on steroids?

‪Joe Tacopina sued The NYDN and Sports reporter Joe got law degree w/ out learning First Amendment? Ask him how the lawsuits worked out.‬

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@YouTheJuryFOX @JudgeJeanine Y would Fox hire an ex-superlawyer that blames Rape Victims? Tacopina believed Anthony Weiner twitter hacked

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Joe Tacopina, Tish Tacopina relatives Homophobic Misogynist Aggravated Harassment Hate Crime?

Joe Tacopina and his Wife  Family Homophobic and Misogynist?

Unless the cowards using fake accounts yet again on YouTube to commit aggravated harassment are lying their are relatives of Joe Tacopina.  I want to ask Joe Tacopina, his wife, his secretary if they know of anyone that committed aggravated harassment, threatened me during an open investigation,
and more all crimes that so far corrupt NYPD have protected but when we get a new commission in to police corruption maybe we will get answers?

I also want to ask Joe Tacopina and his family if they have any knowledge of NYPD fixing, favors and any perks extended to them what Preet Bharara called "call a cop."   A blogger suggested I ask Joe Tacopina about the NYPD, PBA and the NY Pensions for some reason.  Could you imagine?

There are all kinds of rumors that Joe Tacopina is a serial cheater or has
an open marriage (there are over 3,500 searches for Joe Tacopina's wife on my Artist blog and why is that? who could possible care?), that his an alleged rapist (anonymous tips) , I believe he and
Chad Seigel possibly committed crimes during an open investigation
my case and racist NYPD grateful he got one of the NYPD
who claims he did not hear Abner Louimer's screams as his NYPD pal
raped Abner Louima anally with a broken stick -- so that is why Internal Affairs and top NYPD
brass Ray Kelly, Bratton, and now PC Jimmy O'Neill are protecting Joe
Tacopina's crimes?

Like Joe dirty cops do a lot of wrong including on line crimes or do these dirty cops just sit at their desk and do fixing and favors for creeps like Joe?

Joe is addicted to threatening People but he has not threatened recently until his "relative" by marriage using a sock puppet account threatened me if it is a threat?

Who knows but I know on my main blog there are
thousands of searches for Joe Tacopina's wife as if people mistakenly
think I am Joe's wife but I am not

There are cowardly sick misogynist, homophobic (men?) using fake accounts..

one "Commie Memer" tells me I can't hide but I am not hiding he or she is and
whom ever shows how sick and twisted Joe Tacopina is and if this is his wife's
relative than maybe she and her relatives and sick as Joe Tacopina is.  Is Tacopina
sick or a narcist psychopath who can fake empathy but he has none...?

I am not sure if Commie Memer is actually threatening me or not but I do believe
Joe Tacopina did with Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel joining in Oct 7, 2012 and the
both commited crimes if I am right and Joe Tacopina the far more serious crime because
he threatens me using the Cunt word and I am guessing he wrote my attacker's letter
as stupid as Commie Memer also a crime because he conspired with my attacker to
threaten me and for some reason if I am write they were confident the NYPD would cover up their crimes.

Joe Tacopina I allege is the coward still hiding wet his pants too scared to come out of his closet with how many crimes and dirty deeds that are going to give him prime real estate in hell but below a little peek about what Internal Affairs and NYPD have been protected the misogynist hate crime threat by a lawyer to cowardly to use his real name and the coward is I allege the same lawyer that wrote my attacker's shockingly stupid letter also a crime open lying threatening me.....and the corrupt
dirty NYPD now protected by 3 PC's 2 Chiefs of IA, Chief Boyce attacked on the misogynist hate crime joining in committing crimes which is why the corrupt NYPD detectives and their supervisors rushed to seal their crimes with I allege Joe Tacopina's crime and those that lied to the NYPD during an open investigation as well as

And it's TacoPINA not TacoPINO
In the divorce papers the state Joe Tacopina had sex with his client's wife it is spelled Tacopino and Tacopina -- Joe is a cheat and a liar a super liar who is going to burn in hell how ever you want to spell it just don't contact me you since you are a homophobe
commie Memer 
+Suzannahartist faggot
He's my uncle faggot
That would make sense because you are using a homophobic comment which is why I am blocking you. You are not welcome on my channel so don't come back. Ask you uncle about witness tampering, aggravated harassment harassing a victim on line, harassing a victim of a violent crime during an open investigation, allegations he slept with a client's wife -- although he did return the 20,000 retainer, the divorce papers talk about a lot of sex at hotels, than there is Bernie Kerik's audios that prove Joe Tacopina is a super liar. Someone searched on my blog Joe Tacopina is a rapist. I know he is a sick manipulator and he is going to burn in hell but he will have company. Based you your homophobic language you are banned from contacting me any online communications will be considered aggravated harassment. I am blocking you.
My guess Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel could end up in jail and Joe Tacopina broke the law and belongs in jail for what I am guessing both he and Seigel did in my case and now I have 2 more cowards using sock puppets and no surprise homophobic and misogynistic but can't compare to what I am guessing Joe Tacopina did that  should get him disbarred and arrested I have a lot of questions under oath and these two Cowarts I'm happy to ask them and even family members under oath questions about Joe I have a lot of questions about misogyny homophobia language used any knowledge of crimes that Joe committed because that audio Bernie Keri has shows Joe sounding like these 2 sock puppets scared and cowardly but  like I said that's different than breaking the law which I believe Joe did not just in my case
My guess Joe Tacopina is going to jail and he and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel who compared the NYPD rape cop's victim to a Venus fly trap broke the law involving my case I need to fix sock puppet account cowards case
I reported the newest hate crime harassment and once you report it -- Google YouTube removes it... you can see the account "AtoZ" which is the first account but I am focusing on the 2nd Commie but I told Internal Affairs it is not Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel who I allege broke the law during an open investigation but these are 2 different men. I also belive Joe Tacopina will eventually get caught doing and next time NO MORE PROFFER AGREEMENTS IF MY HOPE AND HE GOES TO JAIL WHERE HE BELONGS I HOPE FOR ALONG TIME. TACOPINA IS A LOUD MOUTH BUT HE IS TRULY A COWARD.
Suzannahartist Joe Tacopina is a coward along with his pals that harass me on youtube but hear Joe calling Bernie Kerik when is legally not suppose have any contact. I can't wait until Joe Tacopina gets in trouble again and there is not proffer "Queen for a Day" agreement -- Joe Tacopina is a criminal that belongs behind bars? Sounds like his family is filled with bullies but pull of the mask of a bully and you find a coward like the kind Bernie Kerik audiotaped -- listen to Joe Tacopina on Kerik's audio.
Suzannahartist Read the divorce papers naming joe Tacopina as the corrupt lawyer with no ethics that slept with his client's wife.
Joe Tacopina and gang are harassing me --- one is AtoZ a coward just like Joe and I can't wait until Joe Tacopina goes to jail -- his pals or relatives on YouTube cowards, use hate speech "faggot" and "bitch" and are low class scum just like Joe Tacopina. They are confident like Joe they are not accountable which is a good thing because next time proffer agreements might not save Joe Tacopina a super liar from jail. The divorce papers of an ex client name Joe Tacopina as the creep who was sleeping with his wife -- class act but I think Joe Tacopina committed a crime on line more than aggravated harassment so a man claiming to be his relative is copying Joe with aggravated harassment but like Joe a total coward using sock puppet -- why not give your real name or names you cowards and your address so I can look in to legal action.
commie Memer 
Your talking to a kids god damn uncle so you better god damn stop this shit, and don't fucking think writing a long ass paragraph is gonna save you. You ugly ass pimp better go back to your cardboard box in that dark alleyway. Go burn in hell you fat ass bitch. And it not harassment you bitch

In Gangland below is reference to this legal document....that I include a couple of pages -- Joe's named spelled incorrectly the first page Tacopino instead of Tacopina so I include another couple of pages with his name spelled correctly....

I am waiting for the NYDN to file their motion in response to what in my opinion is Joe Tacopina, a desperate man's act to threaten and intimidate the media in to silence and I want to qualify that is my opinion and I have been given the Tacopina Seigel Rape Treatment and I threatened to counter-sue and sent Joe Tacopina a list of who I would call and I never heard from Tacpoina Seigel again.   Joe Tacopina is a bully and in my opinion addicted to threatening People and trying to intimidate them into silence!